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*Aut star-autonomous categories lax monoidal functors
1 (is) the point (is) the identity arrow
1Type homotopy 1-types continuous maps
2 two objects the walking arrow (and two identity arrows)
2Cat 2-categories 2-functors
Ab Abelian groups group maps
AbCat Abelian categories right exact functors
AbTor Abelian torsion groups group maps
AbTorF torsion-free Abelian groups group maps
AdicCRing commutative adic rings continuous ring maps
AdicRing adic rings continuous ring maps
AdmRep admissible domain representations representable continuous maps
Alg(Ab) algebras of monoids in Ab (rings) algebra maps
Ass assemblies computable maps
Aut regular (Moore) automata simulations
BanAlg Banach algebras short linear maps
BanRing Banach rings short group maps
Ban_k Banach spaces over fields k short linear maps
BiCat bicategories pseudofunctors
Bij sets bijections
Bimod(Ab) monoids in Ab (rings) bimodules of monoids in Ab (rings)
BoolAlg Boolean algebras lattice maps
BrMonCat braided monoidal categories lax monoidal functors
CMon commutative monoids monoid maps
CPO complete partial orders Scott-continuous maps
CPROP colored monoidal product & permutation categories eso strict monoidal functors
CRing commutative rings ring maps
CW CW complexes cellular maps
CartSp Cartesian spaces smooth maps
Cat categories functors
Ch.(Vect_k) chain complices of vector spaces linear maps
Circ the natural numbers Boolean circuits
Cluster partitioned sets non-refinement-increasing maps
CommAlg(Ab) commutative algebras of monoids in Ab (rings) algebra maps
Comp compacta (compact Hausdorff spaces) continuous maps
CompBoolAlg complete Boolean algebras (CABAs) lattice maps
CompCat compact closed categories lax monoidal functors
CompLat complete lattices lattice maps
CompMet complete metric spaces short maps
CompNormGrp complete normed groups short group maps
DCPO directed-complete partial orders Scott-continuous maps
DGCAlg differential-graded commutative algebras of vector spaces differential-graded algebra maps
DGph digraphs digraph maps
DSet dendroidal sets dendroidal maps
DagCat †-categories (dagger categories) †-functors (dagger functors)
DagCompCat compact closed †-categories lax monoidal †-functors
DblCat double categories double functors
Diff differentiable manifolds continuous maps
DirGph directed graphs graph maps
DistLat distributive lattices lattice maps
Eff sets with computable equality computable maps
EffAdmRep effective admissible domain representations computable continuous maps
Feyn Feynman diagrams symmetries of Feynman diagrams
Field fields field maps
FinGrp finite groups group maps
FinHilb finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces short linear maps
FinMet finite metric spaces short maps
FinOrd the finite ordinal numbers order-preserving maps
FinSet finite sets finite maps
FinVect_k finite vector spaces over fields k linear maps
FinVect_q finite vector spaces over finite fields of order q linear maps
Frm frames frame maps
G the natural numbers globe maps
Gph undirected graphs graph maps
Grp groups group maps
Grpd groupoids functors
Haus Hausdorff (T₂) spaces continuous maps
HeytAlg Heyting algebras lattice maps
Hilb Hilbert spaces short linear maps
Hilb₀ Hilbert spaces unitary operators
Ho(Cat) categories natural isomorphism classes of functors
Ho(Eff) numbered sets homotopy classes of computable maps
Ho(Grpd) groupoids natural isomorphism classes of functors
Ho(Top) topological spaces homotopy classes of continuous maps
Hyp finite directed hypergraphs hypergraph maps
I two objects the walking isomorphism (and two identity arrows)
Idem idempotent endofunctions idempotency-respecting maps
Inj sets injections
KV computable real numbers computable maps
LMet Lawvere metric spaces short maps
Lat lattices lattice maps
Lex finitely complete categories left exact functors
LieAlg_k Lie algebras over vector spaces over fields k linear maps
LieGrp Lie groups smooth group maps
LieRing Lie rings group maps
Loc locales continuous maps
Log topoi logical functors
Man smooth manifolds smooth maps
Mat_R the natural numbers matrices over rings R
Mat_SR the natural numbers matrices over semirings SR
Mat_k the natural numbers matrices over fields k
Meas measurable spaces measurable maps
Met metric spaces short maps
Mod(Ab) modules of monoids in Ab (rings) module maps
Mon monoids monoid maps
MonCat monoidal categories lax monoidal functors
Mono injections commuting squares
MultiSet multisets multimaps
NormAb normed Abelian groups group maps
NormGrp normed groups short group maps

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