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NormRing normed (commutative) rings short group maps
Op(FinCartSp) open sets of finite-dimensional Cartesian spaces inclusions
Operad symmetric multicategories multifunctors
PDiff piecewise-differentiable manifolds piecewise-continuous maps
PL piecewise-linear manifolds piecewise-continuous maps
PROP monoidal product & permutation categories eso strict monoidal functors
Perm the natural numbers permutations
PermCat permutative (symmetric strict monoidal) categories multilinear functors
Pfn sets partial maps
Poiss smooth manifolds with Poisson structures Poisson maps
Pos partial orders monotone maps
PrCat locally presentable categories left adjoint functors
PreOrd preorders monotone maps
Prof categories profunctors
Pros preorders monotone maps
PseudoMet pseudometric spaces short maps
Quant quantales suplattice maps
Quiv quivers graph maps
R+ non-negative real numbers addition
RCat restriction categories functors
RT(K₁) the natural numbers partial realizable maps
RT(K₂) sequences of natural numbers partial realizable maps
Rel sets relations
Rex finitely cocomplete categories right exact functors
Ring rings ring maps
Rng nonunital rings nonunital ring maps
SAb simplicial Abelian groups group maps
SES(Ab) short exact sequences of Abelian groups commuting diagrams
SGrp simplicial groups group maps
SLieAlg_k simplicial Lie algebras over vector spaces over fields k linear maps
SMan simplicial smooth manifolds smooth maps
SRing simplicial rings ring maps
SSet simplicial sets simplicial maps
STop simplicial topological spaces continuous maps
STopGrp simplicial topological groups continuous group maps
SemiGrp semigroups semigroup maps
SemiLat semilattices semilattice maps
SemiRing semirings (rigs) semiring maps
Set sets maps
Set* pointed sets based maps
Sierp maps commuting squares
SimpCat simplicially enriched categories simplicially enriched functors
SoberTop sober topological spaces continuous maps
SpLoc spatial locales continuous maps
Span(Grpd) groupoids spans of tame functors
Span(Set) sets spans of functions
Species species natural transformations
Spectra topological spectra spectrum maps
Ste stereotype spaces continuous maps
Stone Stone spaces continuous maps
SupLat suplattices suplattice maps
SupLieAlg_k Lie algebras over super vector spaces over fields k super linear maps
SupVect_k super vector spaces over fields k super linear maps
Surj sets surjections
SymCat symmetric monoidal categories lax monoidal functors
SymLMet symmetric Lawvere metric spaces short maps
SymmMonCat symmetric monoidal categories lax monoidal functors
SymmRel sets symmetric relations
Top topological spaces continuous maps
Top* pointed topological spaces based continuous maps
TopCat topologically enriched categories continuous functors
TopGrp topological groups continuous group maps
TopMan topological manifolds continuous maps
TopMon topological monoids continuous monoid maps
TopRing topological rings continuous ring maps
TopVect topological vector spaces linear maps
Topos topoi geometric arrows
Tor Torsion groups group maps
TracedSymmMonCat traced symmetric monoidal categories lax monoidal functors
Tych Tychonoff spaces continuous maps
Vect_k vector spaces over fields k linear maps
nCob (n-1)-dimensional compact oriented manifolds n-dimensional cobordisms
Δ the inhabited simplices monotone maps
Ω the inhabited trees tree maps
the inhabited cubes cubical maps

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