All Essentially Wide Subcategories

An essentially wide subcategory has all of the parent category's objects. There are several special cases:

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Suggested facets: supercategory, kind

subcategory supercategory kind
Bij Set core
FinOrd FinSet skeleton
Hilb₀ Hilb core
Inj Set essentially wide
Mat_k FinVect_k skeleton
Perm FinSet core
Pfn Rel essentially wide
Pos Pros skeleton
Set Pfn total restriction
Surj Set essentially wide
SymmRel Rel core
Top AdmRep total restriction

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JSON shape: default, array, newline-delimited

CSV options:

CREATE VIEW "all_essentially_wide_subcategories" AS
select subcategory, supercategory, 'essentially wide' as kind from essentially_wide_subcategories
select skeleton, category, 'skeleton' from skeletons
UNION select groupoid, category, 'core' from cores
select total_subcategory, partial_category, 'total restriction' from restriction_categories;