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Suggested facets: diagram, is_colimit, construction

Link diagram is_colimit construction
cospan 0 pullback
empty diagram 0 terminal object
empty diagram 1 initial object
endomorphism 0 idempotent splitting
endomorphism 1 idempotent splitting
pair of parallel arrows 0 equalizer
pair of parallel arrows 1 coequalizer
pair of points 0 binary product
pair of points 1 binary sum
span 1 pushout
tower 0 directed limit
tower 1 directed colimit

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CREATE TABLE "limits" (
	"diagram"	TEXT NOT NULL,
	"is_colimit"	INTEGER NOT NULL,
	"construction"	TEXT NOT NULL,
	FOREIGN KEY("construction") REFERENCES "universal_objects"("construction") on update cascade on delete restrict,
	FOREIGN KEY("diagram") REFERENCES "diagrams"("shape") on update cascade on delete restrict,
	PRIMARY KEY("diagram","is_colimit","construction")