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subshape shape
empty diagram point
point pair of points
pair of points arrow
arrow span
arrow cospan
arrow pair of parallel arrows
arrow tower
arrow endomorphism
tower transfinite composition
empty diagram pair of points
point arrow
pair of points span
pair of points cospan
pair of points pair of parallel arrows
pair of points tower
pair of points endomorphism
arrow transfinite composition
empty diagram arrow
point span
point cospan
point pair of parallel arrows
point tower
point endomorphism
pair of points transfinite composition
empty diagram span
empty diagram cospan
empty diagram pair of parallel arrows
empty diagram tower
empty diagram endomorphism
point transfinite composition
empty diagram transfinite composition

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CREATE VIEW "full_subdiagrams_transitive" AS with recursive t as (
select subshape, shape from full_subdiagrams
select full_subdiagrams.subshape, t.shape from full_subdiagrams join t where full_subdiagrams.shape == t.subshape
) select * from t;