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A full subcategory has all of the parent category's arrows. There are several special cases:

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Suggested facets: supercategory, kind

subcategory supercategory kind
Ab Grp reflection
AbTorF Ab reflection
Ban_k Ste full
BoolAlg Lat full
BrMonCat MonCat full
CRing Ring reflection
Cat SSet reflection
Comp Top reflection
CompMet Met reflection
Field CRing full
FinGrp Grp full
FinHilb Hilb full
FinSet Set full
FinVect_k Vect_k full
FinVect_q FinVect_k full
Haus Top full
Hilb Ban_k full
Ho(Grpd) Ho(Cat) full
Quiv Cat full
RCat Cat full
SoberTop Top full
SpLoc Loc full
Ste TopVect full
SymmMonCat BrMonCat full
Vect_k Mod(Ab) full
Δ Cat full

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CREATE VIEW "all_full_subcategories" AS select subcategory, supercategory, 'full' as kind from full_subcategories
select subcategory, supercategory, 'reflection' from reflective_subcategories;